How to Use

Simple Recommended Application Process


shovelStep 1

Assess your beds for remaining mulch thickness. Remove all existing mulch over 1 inch depth. (Excessive wood reduces much needed nutrients from your soils)

shovelStep 2

Identify any existing weeds and design a control strategy to create a weed free bed. Your local garden center or landscape contractor can recommend some appropriate products to be used in helping your existing bed soils resistance to growth of preexisting weed seeds and dormant weeds. Edging your beds is highly recommended prior to NutriPeat application not only to create beautiful border, but it also helps keep grasses and other weeds from encroaching through the growing season.

shovelStep 3

The depth of Nutri-Peat® application should be based on the quality of the soil in your beds and the types of plantings. We recommend 2 to 3 inches especially as a first time application.

19071847_xxlMultiple Uses for Nutri-Peat!

Annual and perennial flowers, Roses love it! Garden vegetables, vine and tree fruits, tree plantings, shrubs, new lawn seedings, and sod installations.